How about Mobile App Localization?

Do you have an app for your company? Is the model of your business being around your app? Everyone needs to start somewhere and starting work on the market is also very important. When you build a popular app for your business that has increased downloads and gaining more and more positive reviews. Now, it is time to think about localizing your app. What is the reason? Having your app in only one app store means you will not have a lot of potential sales.

It may be a surprise to you. Do you know the majority of the internet users are not in the States? The Asia or Pacific region boasts higher mobile subscribers all over the world. Mobile usage is rising from South America towards North Africa. If you want to expand your business, invest in the expansion.

Mobile app localization has many benefits which are:

  1. Access to Global Market

There are limitless possibilities for deciding on the countries where you would like to localize your app. You cannot roll out full mobile app localization project all at once, so select those countries where there is high demand for the service. The varying nature of your business means you can access global markets. You should not try to access the whole global market.

  1. Unlimited Sales

According to VentureBeat, an infamous gaming app, named Pokemon Go, made $35 million in the first two weeks. That was only in a handful of markets. There are many companies that offer gaming translations. Nintendo, on the other hand, made unlimited global sales. They need to study the market and make sure that all numbers, text, images, icons, and screen shots are localized to the target language. It makes good investment in the end.

  1. Competitive Advantage

The app market is a competitive place. The first step is to get the users of your app. If your app does not fulfil the user’s expectations, it may not work well. According to an estimate, 90% of users uninstall the app right after downloading. 16% give the second chance to the app. So investing in the app localization is flawless and also creates an optimal user experience for the target market and give you the competitive edge. You need to know about the app optimization for local app stores. For Google Play, the description will be scanned, so know the key terms to search that your customers use. You also need to consider currency, measurement, and local colloquialisms.

  1. Increased Visibility

You should have a factored strategy from the scratch, whether you are localizing for India, UK or Russia. Localizing the images, description and icon will give better visibility in the Google Play and the App Store. Use the right amount of key words in your app.

  1. Guaranteed ROI

When you invest in mobile app localization, you yield positive ROI. The process seems costly at the start, usually when you work with professional translators of the target country. Once you start the process, expand time expand into the different country. Things become easier and you can build a knowledge curve for getting things done.


Maryum is a freelance writer and IT Professional living in Pakistan. Her technical and transcription blogs about software solutions have been published on various websites. With her hands on experience in translation tools like CATMATE, OMEGAt and TRADOS and advisor of technological tools for big transcription and translation projects. Maryum has the capability of delivering high-quality knowledge in just a few words on her articles and blogs.

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