Social Media Interaction For Translators

The Social media plays a great role depending on its usage, if one is searching for other translators, the translator should be talking about himself and if looking for clients than let the social talk about them. The translators usually try to achieve the right goal on social media, but in a very wrong way. This is because the clients are usually not interested in the translation, but in their industry. Hence, the social media should be used to talk about the industry of the potential client.
The translator must have identified his potential client and done enough homework for identifying their needs and industry. The target client refers to the people to whom we want to address. The translator needs to identify them, understand their needs and be there to solve their problems. For Example, if you are translating for any tech company, then you should be writing about technology as people in this industry will read about technology with greater interest. The translator may write about the growth of the tech industry, market trends, new technologies and much more.
The Management software of Social Media like Hootsuite helps in managing the social media presence. Such tools may be used for attracting potential clients if they are rightly used. However, one must be aware of the difference between social media content and blog content. When writing a blog you do the research regarding topic and facts and then conclude it to your own original content. Copy paste is simply not acceptable in this case. On the other hand, the social content may be a re-share of already existing content.
It is recommended to have an account of Hootsuite, a freeware, maximum three accounts can be connected with it, that should be LinkedIn, Google Plus and Twitter. An upgrade is required to add more profiles in it. The second step should be organized, your dashboard to your own convenience. You can do it by having multiple tabs for each social channel. It helps a lot in monitoring the activity on your account. Some other freeware applications like Talkwalker and Taqfeeda can also be used to search the content for a specific keyword. For Example use the keyword “tech industry” for the content related to the technical/ tech industry.
Another easy search available is the Twitter Search, you can search the tweets for a specific keyword. Take an example of a financial Spanish translator looking for a word, he would be searching for the keyword ‘Finance’/ ‘banking system’/ ‘financial news’/ ‘financial institutes’ and filter the search by language. This would drill down the search of the translator and help finding the target clients and the chances of getting the job will also refine. In some case the news search on a specific area like North America or South America also helps in getting the information in respect of the target market.
Once done with that, the translators should share their content to get their self known by their client. This can be done by using the sharing option of the tweets, articles or pieces of content. One or all the channels can be used like Twitter, LinkedIn or Facebook. The RSS feed app can be used to display the blogs and articles on the dashboard. Actually, the aim is to put out your content to attract the potential customers by proving to be an expert in that industry. The scheduling functionality helps in spreading the content nicely and evenly across the time period.
These are some of the ways the Social media can be used effectively in job and client hunting. We can conclude here by summing up the discussion in below mentioned points;
– Know Your Client and Industry
– Give some content to them so that they may start reading it and notice you
– Do some research on them
– Build trust and relationship with them
– Make your service to solve their problem.
All these things help the translators a lot in their niche, social media is really helpful if it is used professionally, efficiently and effectively.

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  1. Avatar Kelly Quinn says:

    A great guideline to follow. Social media can be such a hassle, and confusing when conducting business. It’s important to be knowledgeable in your own industry.

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