Centralized Translation Process is important. Why?

Many companies ask a question “what are the pros of using centralized translation process?” Or “How can we explain our management that our translation process should be centralized?”
A decentralized or unorganized translation and localization process could scramble your company to meet deadlines, release conflicting content and also coughing up serious cash for authentic and less than perfect translation. In order to make things easy, it has been given in straight. There are five reasons why your company should have centralized translation process for the whole organization.
Productivity Improvement
If you will have a centralized translation process, the business requesters will be able to understand where to turn while translation is needed, eliminating inconsistencies and then improving the business metrics. There are some global employees who will spend less time for approving translation, as compared to the primarily allocated time that has been spent to create them. The amount of money and time you think you are saving by using your internal resources translate company’s content may be slowing down the translation process as well as increasing costing in the long run. The wages paid to the employees also exceed the translation cost.
Cost savings
A centralized process has the ability to improve the productivity and thus results in cost savings, like the elimination of rework cost and timeline delays. Blending this efficiency with translation management system technology and you will see your company will have increased translation memory reuse, and decrease in translation cost. There are some companies who have reduced the aggregate per word cost by nearly 35%.
Brand consistency
A centralized database that is comprised of approved memory increases the consistency by increasing the key terms and phrases reuse throughout the company’s translations no matter which team or department requests the translation.
Quality controls
During the translation process, multiple steps are involved, which are multiple opportunities for inconsistencies to slip into the content. By having the centralized translation process, the errors heighten with the absence of core translation management, policy, and procedure. Using a centralized translation process you will become able to leverage the translation memory as well as the management system that implements and then manages the quality standards throughout the company’s content. The systems also have report capabilities like segment history, so you can track when and who approved the last translated content.
Revenue growth
Last, but not the least, is the ability of centralized translation process to grow the revenue of your company. Different studies revealed that customers prefer three times to purchase the products if they are in their native language. In order to have a smooth and successful route for translation company content and translation memory, do not resist adopting centralized translation process. Higher the leveraged translation memory, faster the content will get published and planned for release, thus, expanding the customer reach without exceeding the translation budget. There is another study conducted by CSA (Common Sense Advisory), it was stated that language ranks above the price in customer’s decision. So what are you waiting for?
The time can be a hassle for you, but translation process does not. Hoping that these tips would be helpful and surely will benefit to centralize the translation process to improve and better managing the company’s translations.

Maryum is a freelance writer and IT Professional living in Pakistan. Her technical and transcription blogs about software solutions have been published on various websites. With her hands on experience in translation tools like CATMATE, OMEGAt and TRADOS and advisor of technological tools for big transcription and translation projects. Maryum has the capability of delivering high-quality knowledge in just a few words on her articles and blogs.

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