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May 21, 2016

Writing A Successful Resume For A Translator

Sometimes we do not give an importance to the resume for a successful career in any walk of life.  No matter you are a professional worker […]
May 14, 2016

Translator? Portraying The Target Client!

Well, the ideas differ here with a question one may ask Who you want to work with? Who you can work with? It is merely the […]
May 7, 2016

Why Targeting the Translation Client

In marketing, we have always heard about Targeting the customers; the businesses that follow this rule are more successful than others as they are not going […]
April 30, 2016

The Techniques – A Successful Financial Translation

Globalization has compelled the banks and companies to run their offices around the world and their documents need to be getting translated into a number of […]
April 23, 2016

Specialized Translation Services – Banking and Finance

Translation Industry is the only industry that can work in coordination with all the industries Globally. Banking and Finance is the key industry and plays most […]
April 16, 2016

The SEO Techniques and Translation

The main strategies that allow the translator to translate comes up mainly with two approaches, i.e. literal and non-literal translation.  There are several techniques available in […]
April 9, 2016

Creativity in Translation

In word to word or literal translation, mechanic act of text, transforming from one to another just like in a mathematical equation. Some tools recognize the […]
April 2, 2016

Freelance Translator or Translation Agency?

Sometimes it gets difficult for the clients to choose between an agency and a freelancer, as both of the options are coming with some advantages as […]