Freelancing is becoming a popular choice for both clients and those looking for jobs. As a freelancer, you are often faced with a difficult decision of which website that you are going to go through for your work. There are so many different sites that offer promises, that it can be a bit overwhelming especially if you are new to freelancing. Some companies have better offerings than others and some have some less than desirable conditions to getting jobs through their site. It is important to weigh all of these decisions when you are considering which to work with.


Here are some different websites that you can look to for freelancing jobs for a translator:


This is a popular choice today, especially for clients. However, one of the biggest issues with this company is the fact that the company sets the rate for the job and not the freelancer. This often leads to the freelancer getting miserable wages for the completed job. As a freelancer, one of the biggest complaints I have is about the “expert” and “non-expert” job listings. Some clients list jobs as “non-expert”, even though they wanted an “expert” quality job, leading to clients being unhappy about their work and having to redo it until it is perfected. This obviously upsets customers and frustrates freelancers.


Upwork is a popular choice for all freelancers, without a specialty dealing with translators. The commission fees on Upwork are very high, which makes it a less than ideal choice for clients looking for translators. One of the upsides for freelancers is that they can set their own rates, despite very high commissions. Also I have found that it is not the first chosen place by clients to look for translators.


This is a great choice for freelancers and clients alike, which is a contrast to the other options. At this website, freelancers are able to set their own rates which allow them to work at a price they are comfortable with. This site also offers 24/7 support for the freelancer in case any issues arise. A disadvantage here is that there are not that many jobs here. In one month, I was only able to get 3 projects from German to Spanish. Other than that, this seems like one of the best options out there due to the support and the ability to set your own rate.


This site is very similar to Upwork as a result of its very high commissions and is not a desirable location for clients to find their translators. It can be very difficult to find jobs here as a result, and I did not have much luck here.


This website is one of the most favorable sites for freelancers. The downside with this site is that there is no guaranteed payment for freelancers, unlike the other websites. I have experience the pain of putting all of that time and effort a translation only to be shafted by the client. If you are looking for guaranteed payment, there are other places that you should look towards.

Hopefully this helps you on your journey finding work as a freelancing translator. Each of these websites has their positives and negatives.


  1. Avatar Maureen says:

    Great options for professional translation services. I took a look, and I think looks like a great site whether you are in the market for the service, or looking to become a freelance translator.

  2. Avatar Kyle Otze says:

    Great guide and advice for new and successful translators. is among one of the best!

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